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School of Wizardry and Stitchcraft Enamel Pins
A Snarky Crafter Exclusive!! NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE! I had these fantastic needle minders custom...
Stitch and Bitch Club Member Enamel Pin or Needle Minder
The perfect lapel pin for a group of stitching (and bitching) friends. Everyone is a...
BUNDLE: Shut the Fucupcake Decal & Needle Minder | STFU Needleminder - Flask Sticker Set | Snarky CupcakeEnamel Needle Magnet - Die Cut Set
I had these "Enjoy your Shut The Fucupcake" needle minders and vinyl decals custom made...
BUNDLE: Salty Girl Decal & Needle Minder | Salty Bitch Needleminder - Flask Sticker Set | Spilled Salt Enamel Needle Magnet and Die Cut Set
I had these salty girl inspired needle minders and vinyl decals custom made JUST for...
I Got My Fauci Ouchie: Vaccine ENAMEL PIN
Want a Magnetic Needle Minder instead? Check HERE:https://snarkycrafterdesigns.com/products/i-got-my-fauci-ouchie-vaccine-needle-89872 Celebrate the Covid19 vaccine! Grab a funny...