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School of Wizardry and Stitchcraft Enamel Pins
A Snarky Crafter Exclusive!! NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE! I had these fantastic needle minders custom...
Stitch and Bitch Club Member Enamel Pin or Needle Minder
The perfect lapel pin for a group of stitching (and bitching) friends. Everyone is a...
BUNDLE: Shut the Fucupcake Decal & Needle Minder | STFU Needleminder - Flask Sticker Set | Snarky CupcakeEnamel Needle Magnet - Die Cut Set
I had these "Enjoy your Shut The Fucupcake" needle minders and vinyl decals custom made...
BUNDLE: Salty Girl Decal & Needle Minder | Salty Bitch Needleminder - Flask Sticker Set | Spilled Salt Enamel Needle Magnet and Die Cut Set
I had these salty girl inspired needle minders and vinyl decals custom made JUST for...
"Fuckflake" Naughty Snowflake Ornaments
Look closely and you can see the hidden holiday message.  Each snowflake contains the script...
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I Got My Fauci Ouchie: Vaccine ENAMEL PIN
Want a Magnetic Needle Minder instead? Check HERE:https://snarkycrafterdesigns.com/products/i-got-my-fauci-ouchie-vaccine-needle-89872 Celebrate the Covid19 vaccine! Grab a funny...