Drinks Well With Others Engraved Wooden Needle Minders

Drinks Well With Others Engraved Wooden Needle Minders

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Love stitching? Know someone who loves to drink and stitch? Well raise your glass to them! This needle minder features a set of clinking wine glasse and the phrase "Drinks well with others". Perfect for cross stitchers, embroidery lovers, quilters and more! Since nothing goes with stitching, quite like drinking.

Never lose your needle, create unnecessary holes or get a rust stain from needles left in your needlework. These magnetic needle minders will always keep track of them.

To use, simply slide the two magnets apart, place the top of your minder on the front of your project and place the second magnet underneath your project. The needle will stick to the needle minder, so you always know where it is.

You can also use your minder to hold your pattern to your fabric or even as a fridge magnet or on your jacket or backpack when you aren't working on a project.

These minders are about 1 inch wide and are made of custom engraved birch wood. Since these are handmade and use natural materials, they may vary slightly from image. Each one is slightly different.

***These magnets are very strong and are a choking hazard. Please be sure to keep them away from pets, children and any electronics.***

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