IMPERFECT Stitchable Wooden US State Maps

IMPERFECT Stitchable Wooden US State Maps

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THESE ARE SECONDS.. Meaning there is a section where the holes are not perfectly clean. (See photos for examples)
Typically, after stitching these flaws will not show, usually they consist of a few holes connected due to a knot or soft spot in the wood.

See this listing for PERFECT US maps:

What a fun way to memorialize every state your visited, where you have lived, or stitched as a great moving or wedding gift idea. Embroider all the states or just the ones with special meaning. This laser cut United States Map has all of the lower 48 states. Can be cross stitched with "x" or using embroidery stitches and patterns. You could even use yarn and use it as a teaching tool for children!

These maps are 16 inches wide (widest point to widest point) and 10.5 inches wide. Spacing is approximately 10 holes per inch however every state has a different number of holes and layout that matches the state's shape.

Made of 1/3 inch thick baltic birch plywood with a CO2 laser. I produce these one at a time, so inventory will be limited.

Sample photos were stitched with 3 strands of DMC floss and a sharp size 6 needle (holes are large enough for most needle sizes.)

Because the wood is a natural material and the thousands of holes are cut one at a time, there may be slight variation in color and hole placement. Wood will also have a campfire/smoky odor.

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