Stitchable Floss Drops

Stitchable Floss Drops

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The perfect gift for the super organized stitcher in your life! These Eco-Birch set of 10 floss drops allows you to stitch the actual floss color right onto the thread drop itself.

Each set comes with 10 laser cut thread drops and a 1.5 steel binder ring to keep them on.

The thread drops measure 43mm tall & 30mm wide. The large hole for the floss is about 13mm and the hole for the ring is 7mm wide. There is a blank space on both sides of the ring hole for labeling your DMC number or pattern symbol.

Each thread drop is made from "Eco-birch" double sided MDF core plywood and you can use Sharpie (or other permanent marker) to record the thread color or symbol to keep track of the floss color. You can use rubbing alcohol to remove the writing for re-use (although avoid using alcohol on the printed side if possible!) Isopropyl alcohol will not hurt the Eco-Birch. We do not recommend other cleaners, like goo gone or acetone. Soap and water is fine.

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