Tea & Cross Stitch Pattern Marker + Needle Minder Bundle

Tea & Cross Stitch Pattern Marker + Needle Minder Bundle

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Also available in a Coffee lovers version: https://www.etsy.com/listing/904835431/pattern-marker-needle-minder-bundle

Can't keep track of where you are on your paper pattern? This magnetic pattern marker will be a great addition to your sewing stash. Place it against any metal surface and it will hold you pattern in place while marking exactly where you are. You can also use the pattern keeper to hold your needles, but if you would rather have your needles closer at hand, use the cute little minder to hold it directly on your work

You could also use the minder as a fridge magnet or to hold down other areas of your pattern..

This design duo features adorable little coffee cups with the phrase "Tea & Cross Stitch" on the marker. Perfect for tea drinkers who love tea time and cross stitch.

This listing is for a set of 1 Pattern Keeper and 1 Needle Minder

Each keeper is about 3 inches wide with a 2 inch void to mark your pattern and each minder is about inch wide

Custom made from maple plywood. Since this is a custom made natural project, slight variations in color or engraving may occur.

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