Little Peens Embroidery Floss Organizers (Set of 5)

Little Peens Embroidery Floss Organizers (Set of 5)

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The perfect way to organize your project bag that is always good for a giggle. A little set of penis floss bobbins in a little burlap bag. Your very own “bag of dicks”! These aren't for your grandma's embroidery project! (Unless your grandma likes penis!) Each set comes with FIVE penises. When you are kitting up a new project, wrap your thread around these little willies and you are good to go.

You can write on the backside (which is not engraved) with pencil, which can be erased over and over for reuse.

This listing is for a SET OF FIVE (2 of one design, 3 of the other chosen at random)

Each bobbin is 2 inches tall from balls down shaft.

Photos shown with half skein of each color (Embroidery floss not included)
Custom made from wood draftboard
This is a custom made natural project, slight variations may occur

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