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I Just Want To Be Invited. I don't want to Come Cross Stitch Pattern
Hate going outside since it's a little too "People-y" out there? Introverts unite! Sure, I...
Leaf Me Alone Funny Monstera Leaf Cross Stitch Pattern
You can stitch the ever popular Monstera leaf (also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant)....
I need my Emotional Support Wine Cross Stitch Pattern (Pattern Only)
What do you mean there is "no alcohol allowed"? Don't you know this is my...
Two Words One Finger Sarcastic Cross Stitch
In the spirit of two girls, one cup.. innuendo abounds in this simple beginner stitch....
Impeach Peach Political Cross Stitch
What is your favorite political fruit? Peaches of course. IMPEACH Peaches! Since when you think...
Umbrella Academy Member Cross Stitch Sampler: Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Five (Delores), Ben & Vanya
A sampler featuring the 7 members of the Umbrella Academy and their iconic symbols. Number...
Best Friends Funny Cross Stitch Pattern
Best friends are always there for you, and they don't give a damn if your...
When I say have a nice day, remember the Fucker is silent Snarky Cross Stitch Pattern
Sometimes you have to be nice, even when you are dealing with assholes.. and this...
I love that we hate all the same people Cross Stitch Pattern
A best friend knows all your least favorite people.. and hates them too! Celebrate that...
Texas Blue Bonnet Cross Stitch Pattern
The perfect design for the Wooden Texas Silhouette (found HERE) THIS LISTING DOES NOT INCLUDE...
My hobbies include shutting the elevator door Sarcastic Cross Stitch Pattern
Hate the awkward silence when you are standing in an elevator? Do you jump in...
California Flag Cross Stitch Pattern
The perfect design for the Stitchable Wooden California Silhouette can be found HERE THIS LISTING...