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"I just want to be invited. I don't want to come." Cross Stitch Pattern
Hate going outside since it's a little too "People-y" out there? Introverts unite! Sure, I...
"Swear Words are Sentence Enhancers" Cross Stitch Pattern
There is a reason they call it "having colorful language" if you are a potty...
"Things I'm Not" Cross Stitch Pattern (Pattern Only)
The perfect cross stitch pattern for venting  Things I'm not:-A Skinny Bitch-Nice-Going to deal with...
"People say I act like I don't care. It's not an Act" Cross Stitch Pattern
There is nothing wrong with being aloof, so let the world know how little you...
Bad Parent for Cussing Cross Stitch Pattern
Do you have a potty mouth and catch yourself swearing in front of your kids?...
Any Functioning Adult 2020 Sarcastic Political Cross Stitch Pattern
Do you wish this country was being led by someone else.. ANYONE else? Well this...
"Friends Don't Care If Your House Is Clean, They Care If You Have Alcohol" Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Best friends are always there for you, and they don't give a damn if your...
ZERO: "I hear what you are saying and this is exactly how many F-cks I give" Cross Stitch Pattern
This design features a single word: ZERO (surrounded by an optional border of zeros), but...
Time and Place for Decaf: Never and In the Trash Cross Stitch Pattern
Love Coffee? But not really a fan of decaf? This funny cross stitch design tells...
Where Does Your Coffee Come From? Cross Stitch Pattern
Love Coffee? But decaf doesn't count? This hilarious diagram (inspired by Fake Science) shows where...
Crafty Bitch Skull and Crossed Needles Cross Stitch Pattern
The perfect cross stitch for the bad ass stitcher.  A completely original hand-drawn pattern featuring script...
Shut Your Piehole Cross Stitch Pattern
The perfect sarcastic cross stitch for the irritated baker.  "Shut Your Piehole" featuring a freshly...
Christmas Shark Funny Holiday Cross Stitch Pattern
What do you get when you cross Left Shark with Baby Shark and add in...
"Two Words One Finger" Innuendo Cross Stitch Pattern
In the spirit of two girls, one cup.. innuendo abounds in this simple beginner stitch.  This is...
"Whats up Corgi Butt?" Cross Stitch Pattern
The perfect cross stitch design for corgi lovers! This listing is for one (1) downloadable...
Have a Very Harry Christmas Wizarding Icons Christmas Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
If your love for all things Wizardry knows no bounds, this is the perfect Christmas cross...
Stupid People are Like Glow Sticks Cross Stitch Pattern
Sometimes with people the lights are on but nobody's home.. and in other cases, the...
"Don't be an Asshole. There, I'm Your Life Coach" Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern